Zaurus Shopper

Welcome to Shopper v1.2.1 (Released on 10/04/04)

Shopper is a great shopping list manager for your Zaurus. Have a look at the usage guide...

There are some Screenshots to give you an idea...

Source downloads - or just get the ipk

If you drop me a mail I'll keep you posted on updates too.

About Shopper

Now maintained by David Greaves, Shopper was originally written by Jesper Pedersen ( who said "I didn't get the idea for this program all by myself, I stole every single bit from a program with similar purpose called ShoppingList. ShoppingList was written in Java and was therefore very slow on the Zaurus. I therefore cloned the program, but this time wrote it in Qt."

Since then I've made further modifications. I'd always wanted a Shopper application but couldn't program in C++ or Qt :( Then, along came Jesper, Darien and Robert with a fantastic application to build on (and figure out some Qt and C++!). Shopper now does what I want - I hope that's close to what you want too :) If it's not then drop me a line with any suggestions - in fact drop me a line anyway if you like (or don't!) Shopper.

As an aside (and to help people from Google) Shopper is quite an easy app to learn to program Qt on the Zaurus.

Shopper is now a Logo Project